Event Report

“How do the Syrian migrants become a political subject in Turkey and Europe?”


Date: 13th March 2018

Universus Agora has taken place as the second step of Middle East Studies with the contribution of Lebanese journalist Bissane EL-Cheikh. The event was in English.

Firstly, EL-Cheikh mentioned about the legal and social status of Syrian and Palestinian migrants in Lebanon and Jordan. Then she answered questions about the living standards of these people. Secondly, she compared the situation of migrants in Lebanon and Jordan with the ones in Turkey. At this point, she emphasised on the fact that the Palestinians in Lebanon are regarded as “2nd class citizens” but there is no such status for Syrians. In Lebanon, there is a growing anger against Syrians. Yet, in Jordan an immediate answer was given to refugee crisis, legal protection was provided and placing programme was made. As a result of those moves, social reaction was reduced.

After the short statements of participants about the legal status of Syrians in Turkey, Bissane EL-Cheikh mentioned about the social standards Syrian migrants are facing with. Then the participants discussed the issue concerning the motives of Syrians in integration into Turkish social life. As a consequence, we agreed that there cannot be a lasting solution before a political settlement take place in Syria.

Concerning the question in the beginning, “How do the Syrian migrants become a political subject in Turkey?”, we have talked about some factors such as:

-          Syrian Civil War is still going on in someway.

-          There are social psychology issues among Syrians caused by this ongoing war in their lands.

-          There is mutual distrust between Syrian migrants.

-          Syrians cannot come to an agreement on future prospects.

Therefore it is really difficult for Syrian migrants to become a political subject in Turkey.